This section is here for you if you have not decided yet whether Psychiatry is something you want to go into or not. Or even if you are already sure that Psychiatry is your subspecialty, then this section can give you some links on how you can become a psychiatrist, what subspecialties exist etc.

The following is the main page from the Royal College of Psychiatrists on psychiatric career paths:
You can either browse the website by yourself or you can choose to click on one of the subheadings you can see below to directly go to the link you are interested in.

The Royal College of Psychiatrists is the professional and educational body for psychiatrists in the United Kingdom. The Royal College of Psychiatrists now has a Student Associate Membership grade open to all UK medical students and foundation trainees. This membership is FREE of charge to all medical students and foundation trainees. It only takes a couple of minutes to fill in the easy online form to access all the benefits available to members (

Why choose psychiatry?

Training pathways


Psychiatry Attachments

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